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Job Description
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Backend Java Developer
Remote Position

  • Java
  • JPA
  • Spring
  • Spring Boot
  • RESTful API experience
  • PostgresSQL
  • Html
  • CSS
The following is a plus:

❗❗ Vaadin

• Knowledge of other programming languages.
• Docker, Kubernetes
Main Tasks :

  • Development & Improvement of a cloud-based accounting software.
  • Development of the MVP's for different ideas in order to validate such.
About The Team

Originally from Toronto, Canada, our founders & team members working remotely while traveling the most beautiful places on the earth. We are working on a range of projects among which we have social media marketing solutions, cloud-accounting platform, marketplace for music creators & even some initiatives in the cryptocurrency industry.

While building a team that can work efficiently and effectively on a few different projects is a big challenge, we are confident that it is possible to achieve with the right mindset.

Some of our core values:

• Taking Initiative
• Passion For Travel
• Continuous Learning
• Social Responsibility
• Helping Others
• Honesty & Trust
Pros & Cons:

➖ Lack of Physical Office Environment
➕ Over the past year, our team had met and worked in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. Some of our employees had visited Bulgaria, Israel, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and several other countries.
➕ Fair pay and flexible benefits including traveling.
➕ Ability to start part-time & switch to full-time.
Additional Information:

Our practice shows that building a relationship requires some time and does not always work out. To make this process smooth and comfortable for both sides we break it down into 3 steps:

  1. Test Assignment. It will take no more than 1-2 hours. The task is not paid and is designed to test your basic skills so that we do not waste each other's time.
  2. Skype Video Interview. It will take about 20-30 minutes. You will get a chance to obtain detailed answers to all your questions and see if you like our team.
  3. Probation Assignment. Contract based paid assignment that might take 1-2 weeks to complete depending on the task. This assignment is a probation task, that is designed to provide both parties with an option to "test" out your integration prior entering into any long-term agreements.
This approach allows us to try to work together and determine whether this relationship will be mutually beneficial in the long term, in case it is - we will be happy to invite you to join our team on the full-time basis.
Backend Developer
Remote Position
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