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How much do you make online?
Earn anywhere, anytime, from any device by performing simple tasks that computers cannot do.
What sort of tasks can I do?
These are just some examples.
Social Media
Complete a simple action such as view a post or join a chat in Telegram, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
Get paid for reviewing a service and sharing opinion? Discover cool products & help businesses!
Share your opinion with global brands by completing a survey. Collect perks from brands on top of your reward!
Decide which option is best, and spot the similarities and differences between two pieces of content.
Identify keywords that describe content. Classify a web-page or an image under a pre-classified category.
Good with English? Get paid for transcribe important content from an image or an audio file.
Data Collection
Search the web and collect data about businesses, products or content.
Content Moderation
Monitoring and applying a pre-determined guidelines to user-generated submissions.
How much will I get paid for this?
Each task is different. Some tasks even continue paying for on daily basis after you complete them!
How do I withdraw money?
Withdraw your earning to your PayPal account or cryptocurrency wallet. Learn how to do this in the our help section.
Complete tasks. Get cash or crypto!
Instead of taking quizzes on Facebook that checks whether you can identify 16 grammar mistakes for free - get paid for your time by completing tasks on Deligate!
Help businesses build better products and services by sharing an opinion.
Machine Learning
Help build AI services like self-driving cars, drones and delivery robots!
Social Media
Start earning today with simple social media tasks! Get paid for that post you just shared!
A survey is just like that quiz on Facebook, so why not get paid for it?!
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