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Twitter Profile Requirements
The following requirements must be met in order to qualify to complete paid tasks within Twitter network.
Level One Requirements
Required. Your username should not contain more than one numerical character and over 13 other characters. It is forbidden to have a vague username and names containing profanity, example: @fgfdrth

Exception of up to 4 characters indicating a birth year for accounts of 365 days or older.
Profile Photo
Required. Users who use real face photos with high quality resolution are preferred in the task queue.
Background Photo
Required. Users who use high quality beautiful or creative photos are preferred in the task queue.
Profile Name
We advise to avoid using special characters. A latin alphabet character name is preferred.
Required. Biography is required to be in English language only. the length should be at least 50 characters.
We advise to keep this field blank.
Forbidden to include deligate.it website. We advise to keep it empty unless used to direct to a personal website.
Birth date
- no special requirements -
Required. Minimum 25 followers are required. Users who use with higher following are preferred in the task queue.
Required. At least 5 posts should be liked from different sources.
Required. Users are required to create a minimum of 9 different personal tweets and/or posts.
Last tweet
You should have at least 1 tweet within the past 7 days at the moment of completing a task.
- no special requirements -
Profile Age
Required. Minimum of 14 days. Profiles with older creation date are preferred in the task queue.
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