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Turbo Boost Your Manual Tasks
Over 88,064 users are ready to carefully complete any simple task you wish to delegate. Human-powered, crowdsourcing platform for hundreds of use cases.
What sort of tasks can I delegate?
These are just some examples.
Social Media
Ask to share your post or perform any other action across social media networks.
Users will review your product or service ans share their opinion.
Get responses from a large audience.
Users vote for the best option and explain why.
Get your data categorized by a large amounts of workforce.
Transcribe important content from an image or an audio file in.
Data Collection
Collect and annotate any type of information found online.
Content Moderation
Ask to check if content meets your guidelines.
+ hundreds of other types of tasks! From pre-defined tasks with auto-verification of completion to fully custom solutions.
Powered by smart technology.
Quality Control
Automated verification saves your time!

Growing User base
With users across the globe get results 24/7.

Automate workflows for large amount of tasks.
Set your price for each task!
We charge a small percentage depending on the type of task, the rest you pay to the performer.

Some real life examples:

  • 100 twitter followers: $8
  • 50 google reviews: $35
  • 250 sign ups: $20
Post tasks in three easy steps.
1. Define tasks and instructions for performers.

2. Set the price and other quantity objectives.

3. Submit for verification.
How Do I Start?
Place a request & pay the invoice. You can choose to pay with PayPal, Debit & Credit Cards, Cryptocurrencies and over 150 other payment methods.
Wish you has someone who would actually review your product or service on google?
Sign Up
Need an initial pool of users to start testing your product? We've been there.
Social Media
People actually enjoy getting paid for sharing your post or commenting on it. Just try it.
Target your audience in our community and save thousands of dollars on survey-monkey
Machine Learning
All kinds of tasks with data segmentation, categorization and more!
Link Visit
Looking for referrals or other type of visits & downloads? We've done that.