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Acceptable Use Policy
Last Updated: December 20, 2019

Deligate Acceptable Use Policy

You agree not to misuse or try to misuse the Deligate Site, Deligate Systems, or Deligate Materials, or help anyone else to do so. You also agree as follows:
User Accounts

You may only possess one Deligate Site account and if it is suspended or terminated for any reason, you may not create another one unless you have explicit permission from Deligate to do so. The Deligate Site account registration requires you to submit certain personal information, such as your name, country of residence, mobile phone number, as well as valid payment information. You agree to maintain accurate, complete, and up-to-date information in Deligate Systems. Payment information must relate to financial accounts in your own name and you may not permit any other person to provide your payment information to Deligate. You are responsible for all activity that occurs under your Deligate Systems accounts, and you agree to maintain the security and secrecy of all Deligate Systems usernames and passwords at all times.
User Account Security

You may not allow third parties to use your Deligate Systems accounts. You may not assign or otherwise transfer your Deligate Systems accounts to any other person or entity. In certain instances, you may be asked to provide proof of your identity to access or use the Deligate Site, and you agree that you may be denied access to or use of the Delligate Site if you refuse to provide such information.

Deligate takes seriously its confidentiality obligations to its clients and asks that you do the same. You may not disclose the identity of any Deligate client outside of the Deligate Systems. You may not download, transmit, copy, or distribute any Deligate Materials outside of Deligate Systems, including by:

· taking screenshots or photos of screens displaying Deligate Materials that are sent or viewed outside of Deligate Systems;

· maintaining any records or logs related to Deligate Materials outside of Deligate Systems;

· printing any Deligate Materials;

· sending any Deligate Materials to your personal email address; or

· storing or saving Deligate Materials on personal devices or with third party cloud storage providers.

Once your Deligate Site account is suspended or deactivated for any reason, you must delete any Deligate Materials still in your possession.
Deligate Systems Security

You may not violate Deligate Systems' security or integrity or use Deligate Systems to violate the security or integrity of any network, computer, or communications system, software application, or network or computing device. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

· working around any technical limitations within Deligate Systems that only allow you to use Deligate Systems in certain ways;

· using a VPN or other technologies to mislead Deligate Systems about your location or identity;

· inundating either Deligate Systems or other systems with communications or requests in a deliberate attempt to overload that system or otherwise disrupt its proper operation;

· attempting to probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of Deligate System or to breach any security or authentication measures used by Deligate Systems;

· monitoring, crawling, or scraping data or content in Deligate Systems;

· monitoring data or traffic on Deligate Systems; or

· damaging, interfering with, intercepting, or expropriating any system, program, audit logs, or data via User Content or other computer technology, including viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or other malware.

If at any time you become aware or have reason to believe that there has been any misuse, compromise, loss, unauthorized disclosure or acquisition of, or access to Deligate Systems or Deligate Materials, you agree that you will promptly notify Deligate at [email protected]
Integrity of Your Work

All training courses and tasks that you undertake must be manually completed by you in a competent and workmanlike manner without the assistance of other persons or technological automation such as bots or scripts. You may only undertake tasks for which you have completed the required training courses.
User Activities & Content

Deligate makes forums available to Users within Deligate Systems in order to assist them in completing their tasks. Users are expected to be courteous, helpful, and supportive to one another in these Deligate Systems. Users should remain on topic, and either post questions or offer knowledge in these Deligate Systems.

You agree not to use or encourage others to use any Deligate Systems for any illegal, harmful, or offensive use. Prohibited activities on the Deligate Site include, but are not limited to, the following as determined by Deligate in its sole discretion, whether or not such material may be protected by law:

· impersonating another person, account or entity, including a representative of Deligate;

· making available, promoting, or facilitating any activities prohibited by any law, regulation, government order, or decree, including gambling, illegal or harmful substances, child pornography, or sites or services related thereto;

· collecting personally identifiable information from or about Users or from Deligate Materials (example: don't ask other Users their email address or phone number);

· distributing or facilitating the sending of unsolicited mass emails, messages, promotions, advertising, solicitations, or other spam, including commercial advertising and informational announcements;

· offering or disseminating fraudulent, false, misleading (directly or by omission or failure to update information), or deceptive goods, services, information, schemes, or promotions (for example, get-rich-quick schemes, Ponzi or pyramid schemes, phishing, or pharming);

· participating in or encouraging activities that may be harmful to others, Deligates' operations, or Deligates' reputation;

· modifying Deligate Materials;

· reverse engineering, disassembling, or decompiling Deligate Systems;

· accessing Deligate Systems in order to build a competitive product or service or a product or service with similar features, functions or graphics; and

· conducting any benchmarking or other competitive analysis.

Prohibited User Content on the Deligate Systems includes, but is not limited to, the following as determined by Deligate in its sole discretion, whether or not such material may be protected by law:

· User Content that infringes or misappropriates the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of others;

· User Content that violates the privacy or data protection rights of others, including User Content that is sufficient to identify a User's location or that may pose a personal safety risk to a User or another person;

· User Content that provides specific details or outcomes of a Deligate investigation;

· User Content that is violent, threatening, promotes violence or threats, defamatory, libelous, pornographic, vulgar, obscene, abusive, or otherwise objectionable; and

· User Content that promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group (including self-harm);

Deligate may, but shall not be obligated to, review, monitor, or remove User Content, at Deligate' sole discretion and at any time and for any reason, without notice to you. Deligate may report any activity that it believes to be in violation of any law or regulation to law enforcement officials, regulatory bodies, or other appropriate third parties. Such reporting may include disclosing User's Deligate Site account information or User Content.

If you become aware of any violation of this Acceptable Use Policy, you must promptly notify Deligate and provide Deligate with any requested assistance to mitigate, stop, or remedy such violation. To report a violation, or to otherwise contact Deligate with respect to acceptable uses of the Deligate Site, email [email protected]

Deligate may modify this Acceptable Use Policy at any time by making such modifications available to you on www.deligate.it. By continuing to use the Deligate Site after modifications to this Acceptable Use Policy have been made available to you, you agree to follow the new Acceptable Use Policy.